Musical Instruments.

First published in July 2014

Word Definition
daikoa large Japanese drum.
dhola large cylindrical drum used in Indian music.
djembea West African drum played by beating with the hand.
dobroa type of acoustic guitar with a metal resonator built into the body.
droome(Spenser) a drum.
dulciana kind of small bassoon.
erhua Chinese two-stringed musical instrument, played with a bow.
euphona form of glass harmonica.
flugela grand piano or a harpsichord, both being wing-shaped.
flutinaa kind of accordion.
gaitaa Spanish bagpipe.
gamelana Javanese instrument resembling a xylophone.
gazooa musical instrument consisting of a tube that makes a humming sound when breathed into.
gemshorna chamois horn, as an early wind instrument.
gitterna kind of guitar; (verb, obs.) to play on the gittern.
guimbarda Jew's-harp.
guiroa notched gourd used as a percussion instrument in Latin America.
guqina kind of Chinese zither with silken strings.
guslaa one-stringed Balkan musical instrument.
hautboyan archaic name for the oboe.
kalimbaan African musical instrument played with the thumbs, consisting of metal strips along a small hollow piece of wood.
kantelaa kind of Finnish zither.
kavala kind of flute, played esp in the Balkans.
kitharaan ancient Greek musical instrument like a lyre.
klavierthe keyboard of a musical instrument.
koraa West African musical instrument.
kotoa kind of Japanese musical instrument.
langspelan old Shetland stringed instrument.
lituusa J-shaped Roman trumpet.
lyriconan electronic wind instrument like a large obverse flute.
manzelloa musical instrument like the soprano saxophone.