Hostelries i.e. places where you can stay and/or eat/drink.

First published in July 2015

Word Definition
albergo(Ital.) an inn, auberge.
alehouseA public house.
auberge(Fr.) an inn.
beanery(US sl.) a cheap restaurant.
beerhallA large drinking place.
bistro(Russian) a small bar or restaurant.
boatelA waterside hotel, catering esp for boat-owners.
bodega(Spanish) a wine-cellar.
bottega(Ital.) a wineshop.
brewpubA combined pub and small-scale brewery.
buvetteIn France, a small refreshment bar at the roadside.
cantina(Spanish) a bar or saloon; a wineshop.
doggeryA cheap saloon.
dramshopA shop or barroom where spirits are sold by the dram.
ecolodgeA tourist accommodation facility designed to have minimal impact on the environment.
fonda(Spanish) a tavern.
grilleryA place where food is grilled.
grogshopA place where grog is sold.
imaret(Turkish) a lodging house for Mohammedan pilgrims.
minshuku(Japanese) a Japanese guesthouse.
munga(NZ) an army canteen.
noshery(Coll.) a cafe or restaurant.
parador(Spanish) a type of tourist accommodation, eg a converted castle, in Spain.
pothouseAn alehouse.
potshopA small public house.
pousada(Portuguese) a traditional hotel in Portugal or Portuguese speaking countries.
rubbidy(Aust. sl.) a pub.
ryokan(Japanese) a traditional Japanese inn.
taphouseA tavern.
taverna(Mod. Gr.) in Greece, a type of guesthouse with bar.
teahouseAn establishment where tea is served.