Words newly available in September 2015 beginning with O.

First published in Julye 2016

Word Definition
oakleafA variety of lettuce.
oakwoodThe wood of the oak.
obesogenA substance that causes abnormal weight gain.
ocherishResembling ocher.
ocheroidResembling ocher.
odonataInsects of an order of predacious insects that includes dragonflies.
odysseanOf or like an odyssey, a long wandering journey.
offaOff, off from.
oilpan(US) a sump.
oma(German) a grandmother.
oncomice(Pl.) ONCOMOUSE, a mouse bred for cancer treatment research.
onesieA soft, loose-fitting, one-piece garment worn by adults for sleeping or lounging.
onomastA person who studies proper names, especially personal names.
opa(German) a grandfather.
opponensA muscle of the thumb.
optronicPertaining to the science concerned with electronics and light.
oratureOral forms of literature such as folklore.
orebodyA mass of ore in a mine.
org(Short for) an organization.
otaridOf or like an otary, an eared seal.
otologicRelating to otology, the science of the ear.
ougiyaA monetary unit of Mauretania.
outasiteAmazing, excellent.
outpsychTo defeat by psychological means.
ownsomeA solitary state.
owrecame(Pt.) OWRECOME, to overcome.
oxazoleA liquid chemical compound.
oxherdOne who tends oxen.
oxicDenoting a process involving oxygen.
oxytropeA genus of plants in the legume family, including locoweed.