Words newly available in September 2015 beginning with W.

First published in July 2017

Word Definition
waahAn interjection used to express wailing.
wacked(Colloquial) intoxicated, exhausted.
waconda(Am. Ind.) a supernatural force in Sioux belief.
wadgeA large or roughly-cut portion.
wakane(Japanese) an edible seaweed that can be soaked and used as a salad vegetable.
walleyA type of jump in figure skating.
warblyVoiced in a trilling or quavering manner.
warbotAny robot or unmanned vehicle or device designed for and used in warfare.
wargameTo engage in simulated military conflicts.
warmistA person, esp a scientist, who believes in global warming and the greenhouse effect.
warpaintPaint used to decorate the face and body before battle.
washbagA small bag for carrying toiletries when travelling.
washdownThe act of washing (oneself or something) down.
wastebinA rubbish bin.
watcha(Colloquial) what are you, used as a greeting.
wayang(Javanese) a type of Indonesian theatre featuring puppets or human dancers.
webappAn application program that is accessed on the internet.
webchatCommunication in real time over the Internet.
weedbedAn area of a body of water having lots of weeds.
weedheadA person who uses a lot of marijuana.
weedlineThe edge of a weedbed.
weejunsMoccasin-style shoes for casual wear.
weldmeshA type of metal fencing consisting of wire mesh reinforced by welding.
whippitA small canister of nitrous oxide.
whoompA sudden loud sound.
whoongaA narcotic substance smoked as a recreational drug in some parts of South Africa.
whosesoThe possessive of whoso.
whositAn object or person whose name is unknown or temporarily forgotten.
whydaA group of African birds related to the finch.
windloadThe force on a structure arising from the impact of wind on it.
wingnutA nut with projections for gripping with the thumb and finger.