Further useful fish names.

First published in June 2010

Word Definition
nerkaanother name for the sockeye salmon.
noahAustralian slang for a shark. (Rhyming slang: Noah's ark).
opaha large sea-fish with laterally flattened body, aka SUNFISH or KINGFISH.
oquassaa small, handsome trout, found in some of the lakes in Maine.
orfea kind of carp.
pegasusa member of a genus of small fishes superficially like sea-horses.
petralea kind of sole.
pollana whitefish, plentiful in Irish loughs.
pomfreta sea fish found along the Indian coasts.
quinnatanother name for the king-salmon.
rasboraa brightly coloured tropical fish.
requina French name for the white shark.
reremaia Maori name for the basking shark. No -S.
roncadorany one of several species of Californian food fishes.
ruffea small freshwater fish, aka POPE.
sardela small fish related to the sardine.
saurelanother name for the horse-mackerel or SCAD.
sephena large sting ray of the Indian Ocean and the Red Sea.
sevrugaa species of sturgeon found in the Black Sea.
snoeka S. African food fish.
soupfinthe requiem shark, whose fin is used for soup.
sproda salmon in its second year.
tetraany of various small, often brightly coloured tropical freshwater fishes.
tilapiaany member of an African freshwater fish genus.
torgocha red-bellied form of the CHAR found in certain Welsh lakes.
twaiteanother name for the SHAD.
warmouthan American freshwater bream.
wirrahan Australian saltwater fish with bright blue spots.
zandera European pike perch.
zingela fish of the perch family, found in the Danube.