First published in June 2011

Word Definition
bettong(Aborig.) a short-nosed rat kangaroo.
bilbyA burrowing marsupial.
boodie(Aborig.) a species of rat-kangaroo.
boomerA large male kangaroo.
boongary(Aborig.) a tree kangaroo from NE Queensland.
burramysA very rare opossum from Australia.
coala(Aborig.) another name for the KOALA.
dalgyteAnother name for BILBY, a burrowing marsupial.
dasyure(Greek) a flesh-eating Australian marsupial mammal.
dibblerA small carnivorous Australian marsupial with long snout and short hairy tail.
duckbillAnother name for the PLATYPUS.
duckmoleAnother name for the PLATYPUS.
dunnart(Aborig.) a marsupial mouse of Australia and Papua New Guinea.
echidnaA kind of anteater > ECHIDNAE or ECHIDNAS.
euro(Aborig.) another name for the WALLAROO, any of several large types of kangaroo.
koolah(Obs.) (Aborig.) an obsolete form of KOALA.
marmose(Fr.) a species of small opossum ranging from Mexico to Brazil.
numbat(Aborig.) a small Australian marsupial that feeds on termites.
opossum(Am. Ind.) any of various small or medium-sized marsupial mammals, mostly arboreal.
platypusAn egg-laying mammal > PLATYPI or PLATYPUSES.
potoroo(Aborig.) a kind of small kangaroo, aka kangaroo rat.
quokka(Aborig.) a small marsupial found in W. Australia.
quoll(Aborig.) an Australian marsupial, about the size of a cat.
tammar(Aborig.) a small scrub wallaby.
tarsipedA marsupial of the genus Tarsipes, that includes honey possums.
tuanAn Australian marsupial, aka WAMBENGER or brush-tailed PHASCOGALE.
wallaby(Aborig.) any of a number of small marsupials of the family Macropodidae.
wallaroo(Aborig.) any of several large types of kangaroo.
wombat(Aborig.) any of three species of Australian burrowing marsupial.
yapokAn amphibious opossum of South America, the only aquatic marsupial.