First published in June 2012

Word Definition
kathak(Sanskrit) a classical dance of India in which brief passages of mime alternate with rapid, rhythmic dance.
kazachocA Russian folk dance in which high kicks are performed from a squatting position.
kolo(Serbo-Croat) a Serbian folk-dance.
lambadaA rhythmic energetic Latin-American dance.
lanciers(Fr.) a French dance.
landler(Ger.) a S. German dance, like a slow waltz.
lavolta(Shakesp.) a lively dance for couples in 3/4 time; (verb) to dance the lavolta.
legong(Indonesian) a Balinese dance.
lindyA dance closely resembling the jitterbug.
mamboA Cuban ballroom dance resembling the rumba or cha-cha (verb) to dance the mambo
marinera(Spanish) a Peruvian folk-dance danced in pairs.
maxixe(Port.) a Brazilian ballroom dance resembling the two-step.
mazurka(Polish) a Polish folk dance in moderate triple measure.
merengue(Spanish) a Caribbean ballroom dance in which feet are frequently dragged.
moriscoA morris dance; an arabesk.
paspy(Fr.) a Breton dance resembling a quick minuet.
pavanA stately English Renaissance court dance.
pericon(Spanish) an Argentinan folk-dance performed by couples dancing in a ring.
redowa(Czech) a Bohemian dance.
rigadoonA lively Baroque period dance.
romaika(Mod. Gr.) a modern Greek dance.
rueda(Spanish) a Cuban street dance, performed in a circle, featuring many turns and changes of partner.
salsa(Spanish) a rhythmic Latin-American big-band dance music; a dance performed to this; (verb) to do such a dance.
saraband(Spanish) a stately court dance of the 17th and 18th centuries, resembling the minuet.
sardana(Catalan) a Catalan dance in a ring formation.
tordion(Fr.) a Renaissance dance similar to but slower than a galliard.
valeta(Spanish) a kind of dance.
volta(Ital.) a lively dance for couples in 3/4 time, in which each partner lifts the other clear of the ground in turn.
zapateo(Spanish) a Spanish dance.
ziganka(Russian) a Russian country dance