First published in June 2013

Word Definition
acai(Tupi) a berry found in the Brazilian rainforest, aka palm berry.
aguacate(Nahuatl) an avocado pear.
ajowanThe fruit of an Egyptian plant of the caraway genus.
amarelle(Fr.) a kind of sour cherry.
atemoyaA tropical fruit of a tree that is a hybrid of the sweetsop and the cherimoya.
beaufinA variety of red cooking apple.
bigaroonThe large white-heart cherry.
blanquet(Fr.) a variety of pear.
canistelA Caribbean fruit.
cashaw(Am. Ind.) a kind of pumpkin.
citrangeA hybrid of a citron and an orange.
codlingA variety of elongated apple.
crenshawA variety of melon.
cumquat(Chinese) any of several small yellow to orange citrus fruits with sweet spongy rind and somewhat acid pulp that are used chiefly for preserves.
cymlingA variety of squash.
filbertA kind of hazelnut.
gojiThe vitamin-rich berry of a solanaceous Chinese plant, aka wolfberry.
grosert(Scots) a gooseberry.
hanepoot(Afrikaans) a kind of grape.
kaki(Japanese) a fruit like a persimmon.
labruscaDesignating a fox grape. No -S.
lichee(Chinese) a tropical fruit.
longan(Chinese) a pulpy fruit related to the litchi, and produced by an evergreen E. Indian tree.
malvasiaA type of grape from which malmsey is made.
marasca(Ital.) a bitter wild cherry.
maypopThe edible fruit of a passion flower, an oval yellowish berry as large as a small apple.
mazardA kind of small black cherry.
mineolaA variety of citrus fruit developed from a tangerine and a grapefruit.
monsteraA kind of fruit, grown in Queensland and the W. Indies.
morello(Ital.) a dark red cherry, much used in cooking.