Musical Instruments.

First published in June 2014

Word Definition
alphorna long powerful horn made of wood, used by Alpine cowherds.
anklonga musical instrument of S. Asia, composed of bamboo tubes.
antaraa type of Andean panpipes.
archlutea large double-necked bass lute.
atabala Moorish kettledrum.
autoharpa zither with a keyboard chord-making mechanism which mutes unwanted strings.
bandoraan ancient Spanish lute.
bazoukia Greek long-necked lute with 3 or 4 double courses of metal strings.
berimbaua Brazilian single-stringed bowed instrument, used to accompany capoeira, a kind of martial dance.
bodhrana shallow one-sided drum used in Gaelic music.
bombardean alto wind instrument similar to the oboe.
bourdonthe drone bass of a bagpipe or organ.
buccinaa Roman curved trumpet.
calliopea keyboard instrument similar to an organ.
carnyxa long war trumpet used by the Celts.
celestaa keyboard with bell-like tones.
cembaloan Italian harpsichord.
charangoa small S. American ten-stringed instrument, made from the shell of an armadillo.
cimbaloma Hungarian form of the dulcimer.
citharaan ancient Greek musical instrument like a lyre.
citolaan early form of the cither.
clarsacha Scottish folk harp.
clavecina French harpsichord.
cobzaa Romanian folk instrument.
cornettan old woodwind instrument.
cornpipea musical instrument made of a stalk of oat or other cereal.
cremonaan ancient double-reed wind instrument.
crotaluma clapper or castanet used in ancient religious rites.
crumhornan ancient double-reed wind instrument.
crwthan ancient Celtic musical instrument.