Marine creatures other than fish or mammals.

First published in June 2015

Word Definition
acalephA kind of jellyfish.
actiniaA sea anemone of the genus Actinia; loosely any sea anemone.
aequorinA kind of jellyfish.
ascidianA sea-squirt or tunicate.
asteridA starfish.
aureliaA jellyfish of genus Aurelia.
clamwormA marine worm.
comatulaA type of crinoid, aka feather star.
crinoidA family of marine creatures, the sea lilies and feather stars.
echinusA sea-urchin.
hydraA freshwater hydrozoon of the genus Hydra.
limulusA horseshoe crab.
longwormAs in sea longworm, a kind of marine worm.
monaxonA monaxonic sponge or spicule.
obeliaAny of a genus of small marine colonial hydroids.
ophiuraA member of the Ophiura genus of brittle-stars or sand-stars.
paloloA type of seaworm, found in the Pacific.
parazoonAny member of the Parazoa, sponges.
phoronidA wormlike marine animal.
physaliaA genus of large oceanic Siphonophora which includes the Portuguese man-of-war.
pluteusA sea-urchin or brittle-star larva.
poriferA member of the Porifera, the sponges.
sabellaA genus of tubicolous annelids having a circle of plumose gills around the head.
salpaAny member of a genus of oceanic tunicates.
seawormAny marine worm.
serpulidA marine polychaete worm.
sunstarA kind of starfish.
trepangA sea cucumber eaten as a Chinese or Japanese delicacy.
triaxonA triaxial sponge spicule.
tunicateOne of a class of marine animals, including ascidians.