Words newly available in September 2015 beginning with N.

First published in June 2016

Word Definition
nagwareSoftware that is free but then nags you to pay for it.
nanoThe science that deals with materials on an atomic or molecular scale.
nanobeeAn artificial nanoparticle containing a toxin found in bee stings, used to target and destroy precancerous cells.
nav(Short for) navigation.
nearishSomewhat near.
nestmateA bird sharing a nest with another.
netbookA portable computer smaller than a laptop.
netsurfTo browse the internet for information.
newbA novice, a newbie.
niagaraA deluge or outpouring.
nibblyA small food item.
nibletA small piece of food, in particular a kernel of sweetcorn.
nichrome(Tradename) an alloy of nickel and chrome.
niente(Ital.) softly fading away - used as a musical direction.
niqaab(Arabic) a veil worn by some Muslim women.
nitreousAs in nitreous silica, another name for quartz glass.
nocebo(Lat.) a harmless substance that induces harmful effects in patients having negative expectations.
noncountNot capable of being counted.
notatorOne that notates.
nowcastA report on current weather conditions.
nugA chunk of wood sawn from a log.
numbheadA stupid person; dolt; blockhead.
numbnutAn idiot.
numpkinA stupid person.
nutbarA bar made from chopped nuts.
nuthin(Coll.) nothing.
nutloafA savoury loaf made from nuts, vegetables, rice, etc.
nyahAn interjection used to express contempt for another.
nymAs in nym war, a dispute about the right to publish material on the internet under a fictitious name.