Words newly available in September 2015 beginning with V.

First published in June 2017

Word Definition
vaguishSomewhat vague.
vajazzleTo adorn the female pubis with glittery spangles.
vakassA priest's cloak with a metal breastplate, inscribed on which are the names of the twelve apostles.
vallars(Pl.) VALLAR, a Roman circular gold crown which was awarded to the first soldier who broke into the enemy's camp (did not take S before).
vapeTo inhale nicotine vapour (from an electronic cigarette).
vaperOne who vapes, inhales nicotine vapour (from an electronic cigarette).
varenykyUkrainian stuffed dumplings.
vasefulThe contents of a vase.
venduA derogatory term for a Quebecois who is viewed as having sold out or become assimilated to English-Canadian society.
verdoys(Pl.) VERDOY, a floral ornament (did not take S before).
verjusThe sour juice of crab apples or of unripe fruit (as grapes or apples); an acid liquor made from this.
verrineAn appetiser or dessert consisting of layers of different food presented in a glass.
vertisolA type of clayey soil.
victrola(Tradename) a type of gramophone.
vidaliaA kind of sweet onion from Vidalia, Georgia.
videocamA camera for taking video.
vidiotA habitual undiscriminating viewer of television.
viewbookA promotional booklet with pictures published by a college or university.
viewportA framed area on a computer display for viewing information.
viewshedThe natural environment visible from a viewing point.
viffTo change direction abruptly of a VTOL aircraft.
villageyPertaining to or characteristic of a village.
vincularOf or like a vinculum, a unifying bond.
viralityThe state of being viral.
virals(Pl.) VIRAL, a sales promotion carried out by viral marketing (did not take S before).
vogAir pollution caused by volcanic dust.
vom(Short for) to vomit.
vomityResembling or smelling of vomit.
voweledHaving vowels.
vugularPertaining to vugs.