Words Containing The Letter J

First published in March 2009

Word Definition
AJWAN The fruit of an Egyptian plant of the caraway genus.
APAREJO A kind of pack saddle used in the American military service.
BAJU A short loose jacket worn in Malaysia and Indonesia.
BRINJAL In India, the aubergine or egg-plant.
CROJIK A triangular sail.
DJEMBE A W. African drum played by beating with the hand.
EEJIT An idiot.
FEIJOA A tropical evergreen shrub or small tree of the myrtle family.
FUJI A kind of silk fabric.
GIDJEE A small Australian acacia tree whose foliage gives off an unpleasant odour.
HEJAB A covering for a Muslim woman's head and face.
HODJA An Eastern term of respect for a Muslim teacher or professor.
INJERA A kind of Ethiopian bread.
JACANA Any of various small tropical wading birds.
JAKEY A Scots word for a homeless alcoholic.
JAMBIYA A Middle Eastern curved dagger with two edges.
JARGOON A semi-precious stone, a brilliant pale or colourless zircon.
JELAB An Arab cloak with a hood and wide sleeves.
JHALA In Hindu music, part of the second movement of a raga.
JIRD A kind of N. African gerbil.
JUBATE Having a mane.
KOJI A fungus used to initiate fermentation in making soy sauce.
MASJID A mosque.
OJIME A carved bead through which to pass the two cords attached to a Japanese inro.
POLJE A large elliptical depression in karst regions, sometimes containing a marsh or lake.
RIOJA A Spanish red wine.
SHINJU In Japan, a ritual double suicide of lovers.
TAJINE A conical clay pot used in N. African cooking.
WILJA An Australian Aboriginal shelter or hut.
YOJAN In the Indian subcontinent: a measure of distance.
ZANJA An irrigation canal in Latin America.