Useful bird names.

First published in March 2010

Word Definition
agamia crane-like bird of S. America.
anhingaa S. American bird, the water turkey.
argalathe adjutant stork of India.
brolgaan Australian crane.
buteoany of a genus of hawks with broad rounded wings; a buzzard.
cahowa large rare petrel which breeds in Bermuda.
chikoran Indian partridge.
elaneta genus of kite.
evejara dialect name for the nightjar.
galahan Australian bird of the parrot family; (fig.) a loud, rude person.
gnowa bird of W. Australia, aka MALLEE fowl.
gouraa large, crested ground pigeon inhabiting New Guinea and adjacent islands.
guanaya Peruvian cormorant.
hagdenthe greater shearwater.
harelda N. American duck, aka OLDSQUAW or OLDWIFE.
huiaa New Zealand bird akin to a crow.
jabiruone of several large wading birds of S. America.
jacanaany of various small tropical wading birds.
kisana kind of Indian pheasant.
koelan Asian or Australian bird of the cuckoo family.
leipoaan Australin bird that builds mounds.
lintiea Scots name for the linnet.
loriotthe golden oriole.
lowanan Australian bird, the mallee-bird.
madgea dialect name for the barn owl.
maviethe European throstle or song thrush.
miniveta singing bird of India.
monala kind of pheasant, native to the Himalayas.
mopokean owl of Australia and New Zealand.
mynaan Asiatic bird of the starling family.
nandoothe RHEA, or S. American ostrich.