First published in March 2011

Word Definition
bandarThe rhesus monkey.
bonoboA chimpanzee-like primate.
chacmaA large species of African baboon, aka ursine baboon.
coaitaThe native name of certain South American monkeys.
colobusA genus of monkey.
colugoA flying lemur.
doucA kind of monkey, remarkable for its brilliant colors, native to Cochin China.
galagoA kind of African lemur.
geladaAn Ethiopian baboon, with a long mane.
grivetA long-tailed African monkey.
guenonA kind of long-legged African monkey.
guerezaA large, long-haired, black-and-white African monkey, with a bushy tail.
hanumanA monkey with a bristly face.
jockoA chimpanzee.
macaqueA kind of monkey.
malmagThe tarsier or spectral lemur.
micoThe black-tailed marmoset.
nagapieThe bush-baby or nocturnal lemur.
ouakariA short-tailed, long-haired monkey.
ourangThe orang-utan.
pottoA nocturnal mammal of the Lemur family, found in West Africa.
saimiriA squirrel monkey.
sajouA capuchin or spider monkey.
siamangA large black gibbon, native to Sumatra.
sifakaA kind of lemur, long-tailed and black and white, native to Madagascar.
simpaiA long-tailed monkey, native to Sumatra.
tamarinA genus of small S. American monkeys.
titiA small S. American monkey.
uakariA short-tailed, long-haired monkey.
vervetA small, long-tailed African monkey.
zatiThe bonnet-monkey.