First published in March 2012

Word Definition
amaut(Inuit) a hood on a woman's parka for carrying a child.
anademA wreath, fillet or band.
atigi(Inuit) a kind of parka worn in Canada.
bashlik(Russian) a Russian hood with long ends.
beanie(Coll.) a small close-fitting hat.
bicornA hat with two points, eg as worn by Napoleon.
biggonA kind of plain-close fitting cap.
bongrace(Fr.) a projecting bonnet or shade to protect the complexion; also, a wide-brimmed hat.
breton(Fr.) a hat with rounded crown and turned up brim.
bycoketAn ornamental cap with peaks at both back and front, worn in the 15th century.
calpac(Turkish) a triangular Turkish or Tatar felt cap.
capouchA cloak hood.
chaco(Hungarian) the hat usually worn by members of a marching band.
chechia(Fr.) a cylindrical skullcap, worn by Arabs and adopted by French troops in N. Africa.
cidaris(Lat.) the royal tiara or cap of state of the ancient Persians.
cloche(Fr.) a lady's close-fitting bell-shaped hat.
curch(Scots) a covering for the head, a kerchief.
czapka(Polish) a Polish military cap, adapted from the traditional peasant cap, worn by lancers.
doek(Afrikaans) a square cloth for tying round the head, worn by African women.
fedoraA brimmed felt hat dented lengthways.
flatcapA low-crowned hat worn by London citizens in the 16th and 17th centuries.
fontange(Fr.) a kind of tall headdress worn in the 17th and 18th centuries.
gibus(Fr.) an opera hat.
haick(Arabic) an oblong cloth worn by Arabs on head or body.
hardhatA protective helmet worn by building workers.
havelockA cloth hanging from back of soldier's cap as protection against sun.
hennin(Fr.) a steeple-hat with a veil hanging from it, worn by French women in the 15C.
homburg(Ger.) a man's felt hat.
hummleAs in hummle bonnet, a type of Scottish cap.
kell(Scots) a woman's headdress, a veil.
khimarA type of head covering worn by Arab women.