Landscape Features.

First published in March 2013

Word Definition
picacho(Spanish) an isolated peak of a hill.
piedmontAn area of land formed or lying at the foot of a mountain or mountain range.
pingo(Inuit) a cone-shaped mound with an ice core.
pocosen(Am. Ind.) an upland swamp of the coastal plain of the southeastern U.S.
poechoreA semiarid region.
rambla(Spanish) a dry ravine; a broad avenue esp in Barcelona.
rillmarkA marking produced by water running down a bank or beach.
rimaye(Fr.) a crevasse formed where a glacier or snowfield moves away from a mountain wall.
rimlandAn outlying land.
rognon(Fr.) an isolated rock outcrop on a glacier.
savanna(Spanish) tropical grassland.
scablandAn area of bare rock in the N. W. US that has been deeply channelled by glacial meltwater.
seif(Arabic) a long sand-dune lying parallel to the direction of the wind that forms it.
serac(Fr.) a large mass of ice broken off a glacier and remaining behind in a crevasse.
shott(Arabic) a shallow saline lake of northern Africa; the dried bed of such a lake.
skawA low cape or headland.
skerry(ON) a small rocky island.
sladeA little valley or dell.
slieve(Irish) a mountain.
sloblandA mudflat, reclaimed alluvial land.
soffioni(Ital.) volcanic steam-holes.
sowbackAn eroded, steeply tilted ridge of resistant rocks with equal slopes on the sides.
strath(Scots) a valley of considerable size, through which a river runs.
swailA marshy hollow or depression.
swireA hollow between two hills.
talweg(Ger.) a line following the lowest point of a valley
tephra(Greek) ash and debris ejected by a volcano.
tombolo(Ital.) a bar of sand or gravel connecting one island with another.
urman(Russian) swampy pine forest.
washawayAn erosion of the earth's surface due to running water.
yardang(Turkish) a ridge formed by wind erosion parallel to prevailing winds.