Scientific Units of Measurement.

First published in March 2014

Word Definition
abamp(Short for) abampere, a unit equivalent to 10 amperes.
abfaradA unit of capacitance, the ability to store an electric charge.
abhenryA unit of inductance, the property of inducing an electromotive force by variation of current in a circuit.
abmhoA unit of electrical conductance.
abohmA unit of electrical resistance.
albedoThe fraction of light reflected from a body or surface.
angstromA wavelength unit of one ten-billionth of a meter.
baryeA unit of pressure; a millionth of a bar.
candelaA unit of luminous intensity.
coulombThe SI unit of electric charge.
cumecA unit of liquid flow equal to one cubic metre per second.
daltonA unit of atomic mass, aka amu.
darafA unit of elastance, the reciprocal of capacitance in farads.
darcyA unit of permeability of rock to various substances.
debyeA unit of electrical dipole movement.
diopterA unit of measurement of power of lens or eye.
erlangA unit of traffic intensity in a telephone system.
faradayA unit used in electrolysis.
fermiIn physics, a unit of 10 to power of -15 m.
fresnelA unit of optical frequency equal to one terahertz.
gaussA unit of magnetic flux density equal to 1/10000 tesla.
geepoundA unit of mass.
gilbertA unit of magnetomotive force.
gravA unit of acceleration.
janskyIn astronomy, the unit of strength of radio-emission.
katalA derived SI unit, the unit of catalytic activity, equal to one mole per second.
kelvinThe SI unit of temperature.
kilergA thousand ergs.
kilopondA unit of measurement equal to the gravitational force on a mass of one kilogram.
kiloradA unit of radiation, one thousand rad.
lambertA unit of brightness, brightness of surface radiating one lumen per square centimetre.