Transport by Water, i.e. Ships, Boats etc.

First published in March 2015

Word Definition
koffA small Dutch sailing vessel.
lateenerA lateen-rigged vessel.
lorchaA light vessel of European build, like a Chinese junk.
lymphadA Highland galley.
masoolahA tall, many-oared Indian surfboat.
misticoA kind of small sailing vessel used in the Mediterranean, rigged partly like a xebec, and partly like a felucca.
mokihiA kind of Maori raft.
mokoroThe traditional dugout canoe of the people of the Okavango Delta.
montariaIn Brazil, a light canoe made of one log.
mudscowA flat mud-boat.
nuggarA large boat used to carry cargo on the Nile.
patamarA vessel resembling a grab, used in the coasting trade of Bombay and Ceylon.
pedaloA small pedal-propelled boat.
periaguaA dugout canoe.
picaroonA pirate ship.
pinkeyA ship with a narrow overhanging stern.
polaccaA vessel with two or three masts, used in the Mediterranean.
praamA flat-bottomed boat or lighter, used in Holland and the Baltic, and sometimes armed in case of war.
prahuA swift Malayan sailboat with triangular sail and one outrigger.
pucanA traditional Connemara open sailing boat.
pulwarA light keelless boat used on the Ganges.
puteliA flat-bottomed boat used on the Ganges.
saicA Levantine vessel like a ketch.
sampanA flat-bottomed Chinese skiff usually propelled by two short oars.
schuytA Dutch flat-bottomed boat, used along canals and round the coast.
shallopA light river boat with sail and oars.
sharpieA flat-bottomed, two-masted vessel.
sonderA class of small yachts.
tartaneA small, single-masted Mediterranean ship with a lateen sail.
xebecA small, three-masted Mediterranean vessel with both square and triangular sails.
zuluA type of two-masted fishing vessel formerly used in Scotland.