Words newly available in September 2015 beginning with I, J or K.

First published in March 2016

Word Definition
icefishTo fish through a hole in the ice on lake or river.
icescapeA landscape covered in ice.
icewormA small worm found in glaciers.
iffily(Adv.) IFFY, dodgy, chancy.
impro(Short for) improvisation.
infeedThe action of supplying material to a machine.
inkstainA stain made by ink.
inotropeA drug for controlling the force of muscular contractions.
intronicOf or like an intron, an intervening sequence in the genetic code.
ivyleafAs in ivyleaf geranium, a geranium plant, with trailing leaves and white, pink, red, or violet flowers.
jalebi(Sanskrit) an Asian snack of deep-fried dough covered with syrup.
janneyTo act as a disguised merrymaker at Christmas.
jeeslyUsed as an intensifier.
jeezeAn interjection expressing consternation.
jeggingsTight-fitting trousers in a lightweight fabric with the colour and appearance of denim.
jetpackA backpack with jets used for transport.
judicareGovernment-paid legal services.
jumpropeA rope used in children's games for jumping.
jumpshotA type of shot in basketball.
kablooieAn interjection expressing an abrupt happening.
kabloona(Inuit) a person who is not Inuit.
kabocha(Japanese) a Japanese pumpkin or squash.
kachori(Hindi) an Indian snack of pastry with a spicy filling.
kadai(Hindi) a wok-like copper utensil used in Asian cookery; a dish prepared in this.
kapowA sudden sharp sound.
kapu(Hawaiian) a Hawaiian set of rules for daily life.
karahi(Hindi) a wok-like copper utensil used in Asian cookery; a dish prepared in this.
kermodeA type of black bear.
ketaine(French Canadian) in poor taste, unfashionable.