Words newly available in September 2015 beginning with T.

First published in March 2017

Word Definition
tablematA small mat used on a table to protect the surface of the table from the plate and from food.
taeniteA nickel-iron alloy found in meteorites.
tailhookA hook lowered from the tail of an aircraft to engage a braking cable.
tanaisteIn Irish politics, the vice-Taoiseach or deputy prime minister of the Republic of Ireland.
tantristAn adherent of the yogic discipline tantrism.
tarabishA trick-taking card game popular in Nova Scotia.
taseTo stun with a gun that fires electrified darts.
tassaA a large Indian kettledrum, worn hanging round the neck.
tassoSpicy cured pork.
tathataThe ultimate nature of things in Buddhism.
tearlikeResembling a tear.
teendomTeenagers collectively.
teevee(Coll.) television.
telecon(Short for) teleconference.
telecopyA message or document sent by fax.
telicityThe quality of being telic, directed or tending toward a goal or purpose.
tenesiA monetary unit of Turkmenistan. No -S.
tenorinoA high tenor.
tenormanA person who plays tenor saxophone.
tepacheA Mexican drink made with pineapple, brown sugar and water.
tetroseA sugar whose molecules contain four carbon atoms.
textismThe language, or a particular usage, characteristic of text messages.
thanx(Coll.) thank you.
thongyResembling an item of clothing made from a strip of cloth.
thrashyCharacteristic of a style of fast, loud, punk rock music.
tiggerTo damage (electronic equipment) beyond repair, esp as a result of tinkering.
tignonA piece of cloth worn as a headdress in Louisiana.
tinselyLike tinsel.
titchieVery small.
tizA state of confusion.
tiynA monetary unit of Kazakhstan.