Flowering Plants.

First published in March 2018

Word Definition
erigeronA plant of the genus Erigeron, fleabanes.
erodiumA plant of the storksbill genus.
estragonA kind of herb, aka tarragon.
exacumAny plant of the genus exacum.
fanwortAn aquatic plant, aka cabomba.
feliciaAny member of a S. African genus of herbs.
felwortA flower of the Gentian family.
femetaryAn old name for fumitory.
figwortA genus of herbaceous plants.
filareeA Californian weed, aka pin grass or alfilaria.
fimbleLight summer hemp, that bears no seed.
finochioA dwarf variety of fennel.
fleabaneA wild flower.
fleawortA herb, formerly believed to destroy fleas.
flixweedA plant of the mustard family.
foalfootA wild flower, aka coltsfoot.
fogfruitAn American flowering plant.
fouat(Scots) the houseleek.
fouet (Scots) the houseleek.
frogbitA kind of water-plant with roundish leaves and small white flowers.
funkiaAny plant of an E. Asiatic genus allied to the daylilies, now called hosta.
galaxA heathlike evergreen plant of the southwestern US.
galtoniaA bulbous plant of the lily family native to southern Africa.
gazaniaAny plant of the genus Gazania, with bright orange or yellow flowers.
genistaA genus of plants including the common broom of Western Europe.
gerberaA genus of S. African plants.
gesneriaA plant of a tropical American genus Gesneria.
gladdie(Short for) a gladiolus.
gladdonA dialect word for an iris
gloriosaA genus of climbing plants with showy lilylike blossoms.
godetiaA genus of American plants related to the evening primrose.