Useful fish names.

First published in May 2010

Word Definition
ableta freshwater fish, also called BLEAK.
allicethe European shad.
azurinea freshwater fish, aka the blue roach.
bettaa strikingly-colored Asiatic fish.
bonitoa large fish of the mackerel family.
braizeanother name for the sea-bream.
callopa pale yellow or golden edible freshwater fish of Australia.
caribea South American fresh water fish, remarkable for its voracity.
ceroa large spiny-finned food fish.
ciscoa N. American lake fish.
cobiaanother name for the sergeant-fish.
corbinaa bluish-grey whiting of the California coast.
cuskanother name for the TORSK or BURBOT.
danioa brightly coloured tropical freshwater fish.
dentexa strongly toothed voracious fish related to perch, found in the Mediterranean.
eelfarea brood of eels.
fogashanother name for the pike-perch.
fugua toxin-containing Japanese fish.
gibela kind of carp, aka Crucian carp.
gouramia very large East Indian freshwater fish.
hakua New Zealand fish, aka the kingfish.
helleria tropical fish.
houtinga European food fish with white flesh.
ketaa Pacific salmon, the dog-salmon.
lampernthe river lamprey.
lottea food fish, aka MONKFISH.
lythea fish of the cod family, aka POLLACK.
masua kind of Japanese salmon.
mooneyea freshwater fish of the SHAD family.
morgaythe small-spotted dogfish.
morwongan Australasian food fish.