First published in May 2011

Word Definition
abomaA South American snake.
agamaA kind of tropical lizard.
aligartaAn old name for the alligator.
anguineOf or pertaining to snakes.
anoleA kind of tropical lizard.
caimanThe South American alligator.
camoodiA Caribbean name for the anaconda.
cooterA kind of turtle.
dracoAs in draco lizard, a flying lizard.
dugiteAn Australian venomous snake.
garialAn Indian crocodile with a long snout.
habuA kind of poisonous snake found in Japan.
hatteriaA kind of New Zealand lizard.
hicateeA West Indian freshwater tortoise.
hognoseA short-bodied, harmless American snake.
langaha(Malagasy) a snake of Madagascar, with a nose prolonged in the form of a sharp blade.
leguaan(Dutch) a large S. African lizard.
molochA spiny Australian lizard.
ngarara(Maori) a lizard found in New Zealand. No -S.
perentie(Aborig.) a large monitor lizard of Australia.
ridleyA marine turtle.
ringhals(Afrikaans) an African snake that spits its venom.
stellionAn E. Mediterranean lizard with starry spots.
taipan(Aborig.) an Australian venomous snake.
tegu(Aztec) a large black and yellow S. American lizard.
teiidA tropical American lizard.
tokayA large gecko of southern Asia and Indonesia.
tuatara(Maori) a primitive reptile found in New Zealand.
varan(Arabic) a monitor lizard.
worral(Arabic) an Egyptian fork-tongued lizard, about four feet long when full grown.
zonureA kind of tropical lizard.