First published in May 2012

Word Definition
almainA courtly dance, aka allemande.
beguine(Fr.) a dance of French West Indian origin.
bolero(Spanish) a Spanish dance with sudden pauses and sharp turns.
boogalooA kind of dance; (verb) to dance the boogaloo.
boogeyTo dance to rock music.
bostonA waltz-like dance.
bourree(Fr.) a brisk French dance in triple time.
branle(Fr.) an old French dance or dance-tune.
cachucha(Spanish) an Andalusian dance in three-four time, resembling the bolero.
capoeira(Port.) a martial art and dance combination.
carioca(Port.) a dance, a variation of the samba.
chaconne(Fr.) a Spanish baroque dance in triple time.
coochA sinuous dance.
coranto(Ital.) an old dance with a gliding step.
cotillon(Fr.) an elaborate ballroom dance with frequent changes of partner.
courantAn old dance with a gliding step.
csardas(Hungarian) a Hungarian dance that increases in speed.
fandango(Spanish) a lively Spanish dance performed by a couple.
farruca(Spanish) a gypsy dance with sudden tempo and mood changes.
forlana(Ital.) a Venetian dance in 6-4 time.
galliardA sprightly Renaissance and Baroque dance.
gavotte(Fr.) a kind of French country dance; (verb) to dance a gavotte.
german(US) an elaborate dance.
gopak(Russian) a high-leaping folk-dance from the Ukraine.
habanera(Spanish) a slow and seductive Cuban dance.
haka(Maori) a ceremonial posture dance accompanied by chanting; one danced by members of a sports team.
halling(Norwegian) a Norwegian country dance.
hoedown(US) a country dance.
hora(Hebrew) an Israeli dance.
hornpipeA lively British folk dance.
joncanoeA boisterous West Indian dance.