First published in May 2013

Word Definition
gironTwo lines drawn from the edge of the escutcheon meeting at right angles in the fesse-point.
goboneeDenoting a pattern of heraldic line, the same as compony.
gonfalonA small flag or pennant immediately below the head of a knight's lance.
guidon(Fr.) a pennant.
hauriantWith head up, as rising to the surface to breathe.
herisse(Fr.) bristled.
hiant(Lat.) gaping.
jessantShooting from the earth.
languedOf a heraldic beast, with tongue in a different colour.
lioncelA small lion used as a heraldic bearing.
manchetIn heraldry, a charge representing a loaf of manchet bread.
mascleA diamond-shaped plate or scale.
masculyCovered with mascles, diamond-shaped plates or scales.
naiantSwimming horizontally.
nombril(Fr.) the point on an escutcheon between the fess point and the base point.
opinicusA composite beast, part lion, part dragon, with features of other animals.
orleA border within a shield at a short distance from the edge.
oundy(Obs.) wavy.
palewaysIn heraldry, vertically, like a pale.
patonceDesignating a form of heraldic cross.
pheonThe barbed head of a dart or arrow.
purpureIn heraldry, purple.
raguledOf a heraldic line, with oblique projections like stubs.
rustreA lozenge pierced with a circular opening.
saltierAn X-shaped cross, a St. Andrew's Cross.
satyralA heraldic monster compounded of man, lion and antelope.
sejantSitting (upright).
torse(Fr.) a heraldic wreath.
trangleA diminutive of the fesse.
urinantWith head down, diving.
verdoy(Fr.) charged with flowers, leaves.