First published in May 2014

Word Definition
blucherA leather half-boot.
brodekinA buskin or half-boot.
broganA strong and tough working shoe.
chappalA type of open sandal worn in India.
cothurnA buskin anciently used by tragic actors on the stage.
cracoweA long-toed boot worn in the fourteenth century.
crowbootA type of Inuit boot made of fur and leather.
galageAn overshoe, a golosh.
getaA wooden sandal with a thong between the toes, worn in Japan.
huaracheA flat-heeled sandal.
jemimaAn elastic-sided boot.
kamikA knee-length sealskin boot.
larriganA long boot made of oiled leather, worn by lumbermen etc.
muilA Scots word for a mule, a backless slipper.
paboucheAn Oriental heelless slipper.
pantonIn Scotland, a slipper.
poulaineA pointy toed shoe as worn by jesters.
rivlinA shoe moulded from untanned hide.
rullionA kind of rawhide shoe worn in Scotland.
sabotA wooden shoe; a clog.
sannieA Scots word for a sandshoe.
seabootA sailor's boot.
shoepacA waterproof boot.
takkiesTennis shoes or plimsolls.
teguaAn ankle-high moccasin worn by Mexican and Indians.
trabsTraining shoes.
velskoenA shoe made of rawhide originating in S. Africa.
wedgieA wedge-heeled shoe.
zoriA Japanese sandal consisting of a flat sole with a thong between the toes.
toeshoeA dance slipper without a heel.
scufferA type of sandal.