First published in May 2015

Word Definition
alcorzaA kind of Spanish sweet; icing.
bonbonA French word for a sweet.
brickleA kind of brittle candy.
cachouA violet-scented sweet.
caromelA dark brown substance produced by heating sugar; (verb) to coat with caromel.
carvyIn Scotland, a caraway seed, esp one coated with sugar.
chewieAustralian slang for chewing-gum.
chicleThe coagulated latex of the sapodilla, and several related trees, which forms the basis of chewing-gum.
chuddyAustralian slang for chewing-gum.
confettoA bonbon.
confitA sweet; a sugarcoated seed or almond.
cornballA US word for a sweetened ball of popcorn; anything trite, banal, sentimental.
drageeA sugarcoated sweetmeat.
fondantA soft sweet made with flavoured sugar and water.
ganacheA creamy chocolate mixture.
gumdropA gelatinous type of sweet containing gum arabic.
gundyIn Scotland, a toffee made of treacle and spices.
halvaA sweetmeat, orig Turkish, containing sesame seeds, honey, nuts and saffron.
jujubeThe sweet and edible drupes (fruits) of several Mediterranean and African species of small trees; a gelatinous chewy sweet.
licoriceAn alternative spelling of liquorice
lulibubAn old word for lollipop.
panochaA type of fudge.
prawlinA kind of chocolate.
scrogginNew Zealand slang for a tramp's homemade high-calorie sweetmeat.
sourballA sour candy.
succadeA sweetmeat.
sucketA dainty or delicacy.
swedgerA Scots word for a sweet.
taffyA hard-baked chewy sweet, made of sugar and butter.
tahinaA paste made of crushed sesame seeds.
vegelateA kind of chocolate made of vegetable and cocoa fat.