Words newly available in September 2015 beginning with M.

First published in May 2016

Word Definition
mahant(Hindi) a chief Hindu priest.
mamasan(Japanese) a Japanese woman in a position of authority.
manbagA bag for small articles carried by men.
manbandAn all-male vocal pop group which was formed as a boy band, but whose members have reached maturity.
manebA powder for killing fungi.
margateA tropical fish.
marraA Northern English dialect form of mate.
mausyFoggy, misty.
maxiboatA large racing yacht.
mech(Short for) mechanic.
mechoui(Canadian) a meal of meat roasted on a spit.
melonyLike a melon.
mercado(Spanish) a market.
merguez(Arabic) a spicy N. African sausage.
mesosaurAn extinct aquatic reptile.
mespilA N. American tree that produces small white flowers in spring.
midpay(Of an occupation, industry, etc) paying or tending to pay more than an unskilled job but less than a high-income one.
midshoreDesignating a fishery that is between the inshore and offshore fisheries.
midwaterThe middle portion vertically of a body of water.
migawdAn interjection used to express surprise.
migawdAn interjection used to express surprise.
mildishSomewhat mild.
mingily(Adv.) MINGY, mean, stingy.
minigolfA game similar to golf played on a small obstacle course.
miridA variety of leaf bug.
mixtapeA compilation of songs from various sources.
mobisodeAn episode of a TV show made for downloading and viewing on mobile phones.
mochi(Japanese) a confection made with rice flour and sweetened bean paste.
mohoA boundary separating the earth's crust and the mantle.
moileA type of rice pudding made with almond milk.
molehuntA hunt for moles.