Words newly available in September 2015 beginning with U.

First published in May 2017

Word Definition
ultisolA reddish-yellow acid soil.
umbeluleA secondary umbel.
umphs(Pl.) UMPH, oomph.
unadepts(Pl.) UNADEPT, a person who is not adept or skilled.
unbusied(Pt.) UNBUSY, to make less busy.
uncasted(Pt.) UNCAST, to undo the process of casting; to take back a cast.
underpadA layer of soft foam laid under carpeting.
undersowTo sow land already seeded with a later-growing crop.
undos(Pl.) UNDO, a computer feature that allows the user to reverse the effect of the last action.
unfollowTo decline to receive messages from (a person who is posting on a social media site).
ungroupTo separate from a group.
unhappenTo become as though never having happened.
unica(Pl.) UNICUM, a unique example or specimen.
unicedNot iced.
unicomA designated radio frequency for communications at some airports.
unicumA unique example or specimen.
unimodalHaving or involving one mode.
uninstalTo reverse a previous installation.
unmirier(Comp.) UNMIRY, not miry.
unsexier(Comp.) UNSEXY, not sexy.
unsobers(3rd.) UNSOBER, to make unregulated or unrefined in manners.
upalongA location away from a person or place.
upcycleTo recycle waste products into something of higher value than the original materials.
updomingThe upward deformation of a rock mass into a dome shape.
upskirtIndicating a photograph taken, usually surreptitiously, of a woman sitting or standing with her legs open in such a way that her underwear is exposed.
upswarm(Arch.) to rise or send upwards in a swarm.
urbex(Short for) urban exploration, a recreational activity in which people explore derelict urban structures such as abandoned sewers or underground railways.
uroboricOf or like a uroboros, a circular symbol of a dragon or snake swallowing its own tail.
urogramAn X-ray of part of the urinary tract.
urtexte(Pl.) URTEXT, the original or earliest version of a text, such as a musical composition or literary work.
utiles(Pl.) UTILE, an African hardwood tree, a species of mahogany.