Flowering Plants.

First published in May 2018

Word Definition
ipomoeaA genus of twining plants with showy flowers, including the morning-glory.
ironweedA tall weed with purplish flowers.
isoetesAn aquatic a plant of the quillwort genus.
itchweedAn American flower, aka Indian poke.
ivyleafAs in ivyleaf geranium, a geranium plant, with trailing leaves and white, pink, red, or violet flowers.
ixoraA flowering plant, aka St. Rita and Maltese Cross.
jatrophaAny plant of the genus Jatropha esp Jatropha curcas whose seeds yield an oil that can be used as a biofuel.
jessamyAn obsolete word for jasmine.
jonquilA plant of the Narcissus genus with long fragrant yellow or white short-tubed flowers.
juncusAny plant of the genus Juncus, rushes.
kaliThe prickly saltwort or glasswort.
kenafA fibre-yielding plant of E. Indies, aka ambary or ambari.
ketmiaAs in bladder ketmia, a plant with yellow flowers and a bladderlike calyx.
kingcupA meadow flower.
knapweedAny of several plants of the genus Centaurea, related to the thistles.
knawelA cornfield weed of the chickweed family.
knitboneThe plant comfrey.
knotweedA pernicious weed of waterways.
kochiaAny of several plants whose foliage turns dark red in summer.
korariA native New Zealand flax plant, aka claddie.
krubiA malodorous tropical plant having a spathe that resembles the corolla of a morning glory and attains a diameter of several feet.
kudzuAn ornamental papilionaceous plant of China and Japan.
ladinoA fast-growing clover.
larkspurAny of various ranunculaceous plants of the genus Delphinium, with spikes of blue, pink, or white irregular spurred flowers.
lavandinA hybrid plant with blue or grey flowers, developed by crossing true lavender with spike lavender.
lavateraAny plant of the genus Lavatera, mallows.
leadwortA genus of maritime herbs with lead-colored spots on the leaves, and nearly lead-colored flowers.
ledumA plant of the Labrador tea genus.
lewisiaA perennial herb with pink and white flowers.
liatrisA N. American plant with small white flowers.
limoniumA sea plant with brightly coloured funnel-shaped flowers.