B Backhooks which may be overlooked.

First published in November 2009

Word Definition
acer-bbitter and sour.
bib-ba mast support.
blur-ban introductory piece on the cover of a book.
bur-b(short for) suburb.
coom-ba deep hollow or valley, esp. on the side of a hill.
cube-bthe pungent berry of a S.E. Asian shrub of the pepper family.
demo-bto demobilise (conscripts).
die-ba jackal of N. Africa.
dor-b(Aust. sl.) a stupid or inept person.
fee-b(US) a weak ineffectual person, a wimp.
flu-bto bungle, botch.
for-bany herb that does not resemble grass.
fra-bto worry.
gam-bin heraldry, a beast's whole leg.
jam-bto jam.
neem-ban East Indian tree.
nim-ban East Indian tree.
plum-bto determine the depth of.
pother-ba herb grown for the pot.
prover-ba wise saying; (verb) to speak of proverbially.
replum-bto plumb again.
scram-bto scratch with claws or nails.
sib-ba blood relation, a kinsman.
slub-bto twist fibre after carding to prepare it for spinning.
slur-ban area combining the characteristics of a slum and a suburb.
thro-bto pulsate.
war-b(Aust. sl.) a dirty or insignificant person.
wem-b(Dial.) womb.
zebu-ban Ethiopian insect.
zine-ba kind of fungicide.