Words which look as if they are misspellings but are in fact playable.

First published in November 2010

Word Definition
rellish(Obs.) relish.
repreeve(Obs.) reprieve.
reprive(Obs.) reprieve.
repryve(Obs.) reprieve.
retraict(Obs.) retreat.
retrait(Obs.) retreat.
retraite(Obs.) retreat.
sallad(Obs.) salad.
scenary(Obs.) scenery.
sleezySordid. [More usually SLEAZY].
spacialRelating to space. [More usually SPATIAL].
surloinA joint of meat. [More usually SIRLOIN].
surviverOne who survives. [More usually SURVIVOR].
sycosis(Greek) an inflammation of the hair follicles. [Cf. PSYCHOSIS].
synonymeUS spelling of SYNONYM.
tabogganA kind of sledge. [More usually TOBOGGAN].
tobogginA kind of sledge. [More usually TOBOGGAN].
tallentAn old weight. [More usually TALENT].
unbraste(Spenser) unbraced.
unbrused(Shakespeare) unbruised.
unred(Spenser) unread.
unredy(Spenser) unready.
unrimed(Obs.) unrhymed.
unvail(Spenser) to unveil.
unvaile(Spenser) to unveil.
visiterOne who visits. [More usually VISITOR].
wabble(Obs.) to wobble.
weeke(Obs.) a wick. [Cf. WEEK].
wimbrelA bird like a curlew. [More usually WHIMBREL].
wrethe(Spenser) to wreathe.