First published in November 2011

Word Definition
pieplantan American name for rhubarb.
pomacecrushed apples for cider-making.
pomatoa tomato grafted on to a potato.
pomelothe shaddock or grapefruit.
pomeroyan old variety of apple.
pompionan old word for a pumpkin.
poperina variety of pear.
prewyna Shakespearean word for a prune.
prunelloan Italian word for a fine kind of prune, esp one made from a greengage.
quodlina variety of elongated apple.
rambutanan edible fruit from Malaya, of the same family as the lychee.
rathripea fruit that ripens early.
reinettea name given to many different kinds of apples, mostly of French origin.
ribiera kind of large black grape.
rizarda Scots word for a redcurrant.
sabraa prickly-pear fruit; also, a native Israeli.
saligotthe water chestnut.
seckela small reddish brown sweet and juicy pear.
semillona grape used to make wine.
simlina variety of squash.
soursopa spiny, rough-skinned fruit from the West Indies.
spanspeka kind of sweet tough-skinned melon.
spartanaa crisp red-skinned eating apple of a variety originally bred in Canada to withstand cold winters.
sturmera variety of dessert apple.
sunberrya cross between a blackberry and a raspberry.
viniferaa European grape.
wampeean edible Asiatic fruit about the size of a large grape, with a hard yellow rind.
whorta whortleberry.
winesapa variety of apple.
yuzua type of citrus fruit.