Trees and Shrubs.

First published in November 2013

Word Definition
loquata Chinese and Japanese tree or its small, yellow, edible fruit.
lucumaa tree of the Lucuma genus of sapotaceous trees with edible fruit, mostly found in S. America.
lumbangthe candlenut tree.
macoyaan American palm, whose nuts yield a violet-scented oil.
mahoea small, bushy white-barked tree of New Zealand.
mahoniaa shrub of the barberry family, with yellow flowers and prickly pinnate leaves.
mahuaa kind of butter-tree with edible flowers.
manatua large flowering New Zealand deciduous shrub.
margosaa large tree of genus Melia found in India, valued for medicinal purposes, aka neem.
marria eucalyptus of W. Australia, with coloured flowers.
matipoa New Zealand shrub.
mezereonan early-flowering woodland shrub with fragrant purplish or rose-coloured flowers.
miritiany palm of the genus Mauritia.
miroa tall coniferous tree of New Zealand.
mopanea small S. African tree with racemes of greenish flowers.
morrella tall eucalyptus of SW Australia.
moutanthe Chinese tree peony, a shrub with large flowers of various colors.
muggaan Australian eucalyptus with dark bark and pink flowers.
mvulea large African tree of the mulberry family.
nandinaan evergreen Asiatic shrub of the barberry family.
neeman E. Indian tree.
ngaioa New Zealand tree with white wood.
nikaua type of palm tree, native to New Zealand.
obechea large West African tree or its whiteish wood.
ocotilloa cactus-like Mexican tree.
oiticicaany of several tropical S. American trees, whose crushed seeds yield an oil used in paints and varnishes.
ombua S. American tree, that grows in the pampas.
opepea West African tree yielding a hard yellowish wood used as a substitute for teak.
opulusthe guelder-rose, Viburnum opulus, found in British hedgerows.
orihoua small New Zealand tree.