Words newly available in September 2015 beginning with E.

First published in November 2015

Word Definition
earholeThe external opening of the ear.
ecogiftA donation of land to the government for ecological purposes.
ecotopiaAn ecologically ideal region or type of society.
ecozoneA regional ecosystem.
ecumeneAn inhabited area.
eeewAn interjection used to express disgust.
eensy(Coll.) very small.
eggcornA malapropism or misspelling arising from similarity between the sound of the misspelled or misused word and the correct one in the accent of the person making the mistake.
egosurfTo search for one's own name on the internet.
eirenicsEirenical theology, concerned with promoting peace between churches.
ejido(Spanish) a piece of land farmed communally in Mexico.
eldests(Pl.) ELDEST, the eldest of a set e.g. of children.
elvenResembling an elf.
embarras(French) an embarrassment.
emergThe section of a hospital that deals with emergencies.
emergThe section of a hospital that deals with emergencies.
emocoreA type of music combining traditional hard rock with personal and emotional lyrics.
emojiA standardized image with a specific meaning, used in electronic communication.
ensuite(French) a room, as a bathroom, adjoining another room.
epater(French) to shock complacent people.
equesA member of the privileged military class of ancient Rome.
espoir(French) a category of wrestler.
ethne(Pl.) ETHNOS, a group of people who share a common culture.
eurolandThe area formed by the countries using the euro.
eurozoneThe area formed by the countries using the euro.
exedras(Pl.) EXEDRA, a semicircular bench beside an episcopal throne; an outdoor bench or recess.
exfilTo remove (data) from a computer, network, etc surreptitiously and without permission or unlawfully.
exogenicFormed or occurring on the surface of the earth.
extropyThe prediction that human intelligence will enable life to expand throughout the universe.
ezineA magazine available only in electronic form, for example on the interne