Words newly available in September 2015 beginning with S.

First published in November 2016

Word Definition
sabicuA Caribbean tree, aka horse-head mahogany.
saecula(Pl.) SAECULUM, an astronomical or geological age.
sagehoodThe state of being wise.
sailpastThe sailing of ships past a place.
saktithe wife of a god in Hinduism.
salata set of prayers performed by Muslims five times a day while facing towards Mecca.
salteryA factory where fish is salted for storage.
sangrealThe legendary cup used by Christ at the Last Supper.
santimA formerly used coin of Latvia.
sargassa(Pl.) SARGASSUM, a genus of algae including the gulfweed.
sasanquaa kind of camellia.
satcomSatellite communications.
satnavsatellite navigation.
satsanga sacred gathering in Hinduism.
satyreIn phrase sea satyre, a Spenserian sea monster.
saxistA saxophone player.
saxmanA saxophone player.
scaffy(Scots) having little value, cheap (noun) a light fishing boat
scaredySomeone who is easily frightened.
schmutzDirt, grime.
schwag(Yiddish) cheap merchandise given away to the public at promotional events; poor quality marijuana.
scravelTo move quickly, scramble.
scrawbTo scrape with or as with claws.
scrobTo scrape with or as with claws.
scumballA dirtbag.
seafoamFoam formed on the sea.
seagrassA grasslike plant living in or close to the sea.
seedheadA seed-containing part of some plants that develops after flowering or fruiting.
segugioan Italian breed of dog.
seizaa kneeling position in Japanese martial arts.