Flowering Plants.

First published in November 2017

Word Definition
abutilonA plant of the mallow family.
acanthA genus of herbaceous prickly plants.
achilleaA plant of the yarrow genus.
ageratumA genus of plants, one popular species of which has lavender-blue flowers in dense clusters.
agrimonyA perennial herb of the rose family.
ajugaA genus of plants, including bugle.
akatea(Maori) a New Zealand vine with white flowers.
alecostA garden plant having a strong balsamic smell and used to flavour ale, aka costmary.
alisma(Greek) a plant of the water-plantain genus.
alisonA plant of the Alyssum genus of low-growing, cruciferous plants.
alizariLevantine madder.
alkanetA wild flower; a reddish plant-based dye obtained from this.
allhealA herb with curative properties.
alliumA plant of the Allium genus to which onions, garlics, leeks etc. belong.
allseedA weed of the flax family.
alocasiaAny of various tropical plants of the genus Alocasia.
alsikeA kind of clover.
althaeaA genus of plants of the mallow family, that includes the garden hollyhock.
alumrootA North American flower of the saxifrage genus.
amaracusThe wild flower marjoram.
amarantA reddish-purple flower that never fades.
ambariA fibre-yielding plant of E. Indies, aka kenaf.
amomumA plant of the ginger family native to Asia and Africa.
anchusaA hairy-stemmed plant of the borage family.
anglepodAny of a genus of plants of the milkweed family.
anthemisA genus of aromatic herbs of the family native to the Mediterranean region and SW Asia.
arachisA Brazilian plant genus that includes the monkey-nut.
araliaA genus of ivylike plants.
arethusaA kind of orchid.
argemoneA plant of the prickly poppy genus.