Lesser known adjectives ending in -Y that don't compare.

First published in October 2009

Word Definition
beigysomewhat beige.
breadypertaining to bread.
brisky(Shakesp.) brisk.
brosyhaving the quality of brose, porridge.
cairnylike a cairn, a mound.
champybroken up by the trampling of beasts.
fleckyhaving flecks.
flippy(of a relatively short, flared skirt) designed so that it flips up slightly as the wearer walks.
glebycloddy, turfy.
globy(Milton) round.
goary(Milton) gory.
gookylike a gook.
heedy(Spenser) heedful, careful.
hugyhuge, vast.
leany(Spenser) lean.
linkyfull of interlocking rings.
miftyquick to take offence.
noilyof or like noil, fibre.
nowyhaving a convex curvature near the middle.
resinyfull of resin.
saughyfull of saughs, willows.
pilyin heraldry, divided into wedge shapes.
tennyin heraldry, orange-brown.
vaporyfull of vapors; vaporous.
viewlypleasing to look at.