Words which look as if they are misspellings but are in fact playable.

First published in October 2010

Word Definition
drownd(Coll.) to drown.
etherialCharacterized by lightness and insubstantiality; intangible. [More usually ETHEREAL].
extasy(Obs.) ecstasy.
galopA dance; (verb) to perform a galop. [Cf. GALLOP, the horse's movement].
gealous(Spenser) jealous.
goary(Milton) gory.
hampsterA small rodent. [More usually HAMSTER].
idealogyA system of ideas. [More usually IDEOLOGY].
imposterOne who pretends to be another. [More usually IMPOSTOR].
isobareA line connecting points of equal atmospheric pressure. [More usually ISOBAR].
jaggTo cut unevenly. [More usaully JAG].
macrami(Turkish) a fringe or trimming of knotted thread. [More usually MACRAME].
maileAn old word for a halfpenny. [Cf. MAIL].
medle(Obs.) to meddle.
misletoeThe parasitic plant. [More usually MISTLETOE].
momentoA souvenir. [More usually MEMENTO].
moniment(Obs.) monument.
morall(Shakesp.) possibly = MURAL. [Cf. MORALL].
morsalPertaining to the cutting edge of a knife. [Cf. MORSEL].
mungooseAn Indian animal of the civet family. [More usually MONGOOSE].
parlyA gingerbread cake in biscuit form. [Cf. PARLEY, to hold talks].
pensilA small pennon. [Cf. PENCIL].
perswade(Obs.) to persuade.
placcateA jacket reinforced with strips of mail. Cf. PLACATE, to calm.
pollicy(Obs.) policy.
poursuit(Obs.) pursuit.
pourtray(Obs.) portray.
poynant(Obs.) poignant.
raine(Spenser) to reign.