First published in October 2011

Word Definition
acaia berry found in the Brazilian rainforest, aka palm berry.
aguacatean avocado pear.
ajowanthe fruit of an Egyptian plant of the caraway genus.
amarellea kind of sour cherry.
babacoa subtropical five-sided fruit related to the papaya.
beaufina variety of red cooking apple.
bigaroona large white-heart cherry.
canistela Caribbean fruit.
casabaa kind of melon.
citrangea hybrid of a citron and an orange.
codlinga variety of elongated apple.
comicea variety of pear.
cumquatany of several small yellow to orange citrus fruits with sweet spongy rind.
cushawa kind of pumpkin.
fraughanan Irish name for the whortleberry.
goobera peanut.
grosera Scots word for a gooseberry.
hanepoota kind of grape.
lungana pulpy East Indian fruit related to the litchi.
marascaa bitter wild cherry.
mazarda kind of small black cherry.
mebosin S. Africa, salted or sugared dried apricots.
mineolaa variety of citrus fruit developed from a tangerine and a grapefruit.
naartjea small sweet orange like the mandarin.
narrasan edible melonlike fruit of a S. African shrub.
nashian Asian pear.
oxhearta large heart-shaped cherry, either black, red, or white.
pampoena S. African pumpkin.
pembinathe bush cranberry.
pignolithe edible kernels of pine cones.
plumcota hybrid of a plum and an apricot.