Art (Painting and Drawing).

First published in October 2012

Word Definition
aquatintA print made by a method of etching having the effect of water-color drawing; (verb) to make an aquatint.
contorno(Ital.) a contour, an outline of a figure.
croquis(Fr.) an outline or rough sketch.
diorama(Greek) an exhibition of translucent pictures seen through an opening with lighting effects.
diptycaA pair of pictures on hinged panels.
duotoneA drawing etc. done in two tones or colours.
ebauche(Fr.) a rough draught or sketch.
eglomise(Fr.) made of glass with a picture painted on the back.
fauvism(Fr.) a school of art noted for bold, often distorted forms and vivid colors.
fusain(Fr.) fine charcoal used in drawing.
gouache(Fr.) painting with gum-based opaque water colors.
hardedgeIn art, the use of bright areas of colour with sharp defined edges.
impasto(Ital.) the application of pigment thickly in painting; such a pigment.
intonaco(Ital.) in fresco painting, the finishing coat of lime plaster on which the paint is applied.
magilpA medium used in oil-painting, consisting of linseed-oil and mastic varnish.
monotintA drawing or painting in a single tint.
nihonga(Japanese) a Japanese style of painting, using bright colours and traditional images.
orantA representation of a praying figure in early art.
orphismA style of abstract art.
paysage(Fr.) a rural scene or landscape, or representation of this.
pieta(Ital.) a representation of the dead Christ held and mourned by the Virgin Mary.
pinxit(Lat.) a word appended to the artist's name or initials on a painting, or engraved copy of a painting: 'he painted (this)'.
pochoir(Fr.) a manual colour stencilling onto a printed illustration.
putois(Fr.) a brush for painting pottery.
sfumato(Ital.) a painting having vague outlines, and colors and shades so mingled as to give a misty appearance.
silex(Lat.) finely ground tripoli used as a paint filler.
tachism(Fr.) painting by smearing or splattering.
tempera(Ital.) an emulsion, esp made with egg yolk, used as a medium for powdering pigments.
tolewareArticles made of tole, painted lacquer.
vanitas(Lat.) a 17th century Dutch still life painting featuring a memento mori etc.
velatura(Ital.) a method of glazing a painting by rubbing with the hand.