First published in October 2014

Word Definition
blaizeA kind of clay, livid or red in colour. No -S.
brunizemA prairie soil.
channerGravel, shingle.
chesilShingle, gravel.
claypanA compacted layer of subsoil that retains water.
clunchAn indurated clay.
fangoClay or mud from thermal springs in Italy, used in curing gout.
gleiA sticky clay soil.
graileAn old word for gravel.
gumbotilA dark sticky clay, formed by the weathering of boulder clay or glacial drift.
gyttjaSediment on a lake bottom.
hardpanA relatively hard layer of soil at or just below the ground surface, cemented by silica, iron oxide, calcium carbonate, or organic matter.
lateriteA highly weathered red soil rich in iron and aluminum oxides, typically formed in a tropical to temperate climate where intense chemical weathering is common.
latosolA tropical soil.
lithosolSoil consisting mainly of recently weathered rock fragments.
moderA layer of humus intermediate between mor and mull.
moondustMoon soil.
murramA tough clayey gravel used as road metal in tropical Africa.
paleosolA buried soil horizon of the geologic past.
pedalferA type of soil, typical of a humid region.
pedocalA type of soil typical of an arid or semiarid region.
planosolA type of soil.
podzolA leached soil formed in cool, humid climates.
regarThe rich black cotton soil of the Indian subcontinent.
rehAn accumulation of salts on soil.
rendzinaA fertile soil-type derived from calcium-rich bedrock.
sierozemA type of soil, grayish at the top and brownish below, based on a carbonate or hardpan layer.
solonetzAn alkaline soil-type having a hard dark subsoil under a thin friable topsoil.
spodosolA type of ashy soil.
subsoilThe stratum of soil below the topsoil; (verb) to turn up or loosen the subsoil of.
yarfaIn Shetland, peaty soil; clayey, sandy or fibrous peat.