Words newly available in September 2015 beginning with D.

First published in October 2015

Word Definition
dansakany of a variety of indian dishes consisting of meat or vegetables braised with water or stock and lentils.
daysailto sail a yacht for a day.
dealignto withdraw allegiance to a political party.
decanone of three equal 10-degree divisions of a sign of the zodiac.
defriendto remove someone from one's list of friends on a social networking site.
dehairto remove the hair from.
dehorsother than.
delustreto remove the lustre from.
dench(slang) excellent.
derechoa line of intense widespread windstorms.
descalera thing for removing limescale from something such as a tap, kettle or coffee machine.
destreamto reverse the categorising of students.
devia Hindu goddess.
devo(short for) devolution, as in devo max.
dhikra Sufi religious ceremony.
dholaka two-headed drum.
dhyanaa profound meditation in Hinduism.
diatremea volcanic vent produced by gaseous explosions.
dilscoopin cricket, an attacking shot that lifts the ball over the wicketkeeper's head.
dimboan unintelligent person.
dirtballa dirty or contemptible person.
docu(short for) a documentary film.
dogana derogatory term for a person who follows the Catholic faith.
dogpilea heap of bodies formed by people jumping on top of each other in an act of celebration.
donairsliced lamb rolled in pita bread.
donegala type of tweed.
dosaan Indian pancake made from rice flour.
downrateto make lower in value.
drokein Canada, a valley with steeply sloping sides.
dryasa flowering alpine plant.
dumbsizeto reduce the size of a workforce so low that the work cannot be done effectively.