Words newly available in September 2015 beginning with R.

First published in October 2016

Word Definition
rabaska(Am. Ind.) a large canoe.
rainsuitA waterproof jacket and pants.
ranchera(Spanish) a type of Mexican country music.
rankistA person who discriminates against people on the grounds of rank.
rasslerA wrestler.
raveyCharacteristic of a rave.
rebaseTo set a new foundation for something.
reedstopAn organ stop that is made up of or that controls a rank of reed pipes.
refi(Short for) refinancing.
refurb(Coll.) to refurbish.
regifterOne who regifts.
reishi(Japanese) a mushroom having a shiny cap.
remailerAn internet service that forwards emails anonymously.
reneagueTo go back on a promise etc.
reno(Short for) a renovated house.
reorgTo reorganize .
requintoA small guitar.
rescueeOne that is rescued.
reskinTo replace the outermost layer of an aircraft or motor vehicle.
retabloA shelf or ornamental setting for panels behind an altar.
retoxTo embark on a binge of drink, drugs, or unhealthy food after a period of abstinence.
retweetTo tweet again.
rewildTo release (an animal) from captivity into the wild to return (land) to a natural, undeveloped state.
rhoncusA rattling or whistling respiratory sound resembling snoring, caused by secretions in the trachea or bronchi.
ribbieIn baseball, a run batted in.
ribbitThe sound made by a frog.
ribuloseA type of sugar.
ringletyResembling or suggestive of a ringlet.
rivulusA small tropical American fish.
roadhogA selfish or aggressive driver.
roastie(Coll.) a roast potato.