First published in October 2017

Word Definition
garbanzo(Spanish) a chickpea.
gobi(Hindi) a cabbage or cauliflower.
guar(Hindi) a legume grown for forage and its seeds which yield guar gum.
holubtsi(Polish) cabbage rolls.
ingan(Scots) an onion.
jibbonsSpring onions.
jicama(Nahuatl) an edible starchy tuberous root of a leguminous tropical American vine.
kabocha(Japanese) a Japanese pumpkin or squash.
kauru(Maori) the edible stem of the cabbage tree.
kumara(Maori) the sweet potato.
lablab(Arabic) a tropical bean with edible pods.
mangoldA variety of beet.
mibuna(Japanese) a vegetable of the cabbage family, closely related to mizuna.
mizuna(Japanese) a variety of lettuce with crisp green leaves.
mooliAn E. African vegetable like a radish.
moongAs in moong bean, a kind of bean.
murphy(Coll.) a potato.
navewA rape or coleseed with a carrot-shaped root; a wild Swedish turnip.
neep(Scots) a turnip.
oakleafA variety of lettuce.
pamphreyIn Ulster dialect, a cabbage.
petsai(Chinese) Chinese cabbage.
piquillo(Spanish) a variety of sweet red pepper.
psoraleaA plant of the bean family.
rapini(Ital.) immature turnip plants.
romaine(Fr.) a type of lettuce.
rucola(Ital.) a Mediterranean plant used in salads.
runchThe wild radish.
rutabaga(Swedish) a root vegetable like a swede.
saag(Hindi) in Indian cookery, spinach.
scallionAn onion with a slim bulb; a leek.