Short consonant heavy words.

First published in September 2009

Word Definition
byrlto carouse.
fyrda local militia in Anglo-Saxon times.
gympa yarn with a hard core; (verb) to make or furnish with this.
gynyshort for gynaecology.
hwyla Welsh word for divine inspiration in oratory.
jynxan old for the wryneck, a bird related to the nightjar.
kynda Spenserian word for to beget.
lycha corpse.
pfftan interjection expressing sudden ending.
rynda fitting to support a millstone.
skyfa S. African word for a cigarette or substance for smoking.
skyra yogurt-like curd cheese.
syncto synchronise.
syphshort for syphilis.
trypshort for trypanosome, parasite causing sleeping sickness.
tympthe plate of a blast furnace opening.
typpa unit of yarn size.
wynda narrow street or lane.
ympta Spenserian past of the verb YMPE, to imp a hawk's feathers.
chynda Spenserian word for cut into chines.
crwthan old Celtic musical instrument.
cwtcha Welsh word for to hide, to cuddle up.
glypha sunken channel or groove.
mythyResembling myth: MYTHIER, MYTHIEST.
phphtan expression of mild irritation or annoyance.
stymyto thwart or obstruct.
synthshort for synthesiser.
thymyfull of thyme, scented like thyme.
trystto agree to meet.
kydsta Spenserian form of (thou) knowest.