Words which look as if they are misspellings but are in fact playable.

First published in September 2010

Word Definition
affoord(Spenser) to afford.
afront(Shakesp.) in front, abreast. [Cf. AFFRONT, an insult].
aleggeTo alleviate, lighten. [Cf. ALLEGE].
alledge(Obs.) to allege.
ambassyAn embassy.
anough(Milton) enough.
apatiteA mineral, calcium fluoride phosphate, used as a fertilizer. [Cf. APPETITE].
aquaferAn underground reservoir of water which can be extracted for surface use. [More usually AQUIFER].
artifactSomething made. [More usually ARTEFACT].
astroidStar-shaped; (noun) anything star-shaped. Cf. ASTEROID.
atchieve(Obs.) to achieve.
breese(Shakesp.) a gadfly. [Cf. BREEZE].
brocoliA type of cabbage. [More usually BROCCOLI].
cariedAffected by CARIES, tooth decay. [Cf. CARRIED].
carratA unit of weight used for gems. [More usually CARAT].
centry(Shakesp.) a centre. [Cf. SENTRY].
cielingA rare spelling of CEILING.
chickoryA blue-flowered herb. [More usually CHICORY].
cingularring-shaped. [Cf. SINGULAR].
cloye(Spenser) claw. [Cf. CLOY, to satiate].
corelateTo be related one to another. [More usually CORRELATE].
coste(Spenser) coast. [Cf. COST].
cowheard(Spenser) a coward. [Cf. COWHERD].
cundumA condom.
cypresA legal term. [Cf. CYPRESS, the tree].
dandriffFlakes of scruff on the scalp. [More usually DANDRUFF].
derth(Spenser) dearth.
develope(Obs.) to develop.
dismayd(Spenser) ill made. [Cf. DISMAYED].