First published in September 2011

Word Definition
amusette(Fr.) a light field cannon, or stocked gun mounted on a swivel.
antitankIntended to counter tanks.
bandook(Urdu) (Indian army slang) a rifle, a shotgun.
birdshotSmall shot suitable for shooting birds.
caliver(Shakesp.) a kind of light musket.
carabinA rifle with a relatively short barrel.
cascabel(Spanish) the part behind the base-ring of a cannon.
coehorn(Dutch) a small mortar for throwing grenades.
culverinA lightweight, portable, long-barrelled cannon.
deringerA small pocket pistol.
drumfireMassed artillery fire with a rolling sound.
falconetOne of the smaller cannon used in the 15th century and later.
firelockAn old form of gunlock, as the flintlock, which ignites the priming by a spark
fuzilA type of musket.
gunnageThe number of guns carried on a warship.
hagbut(Hist.) a harquebus; a matchlock gun invented in the 15th century.
jezail(Urdu) a long heavy Afghan musket.
jingal(Hindi) a large Chinese or Indian swivel-musket.
langrageA shot consisting of canister containing irregular pieces of iron, formerly used to damage sails and rigging.
linstock(Hist.) a pointed forked staff, shod with iron at the foot, to hold a lighted match for firing cannon.
oerlikon(Swiss) an anti-aircraft cannon.
perrier(Obs.) a short mortar used formerly for throwing stone shot.
petronelA sort of hand cannon, or portable firearm, used in France in the 15th century.
pistolet(Hist.) a small pistol.
rafale(Fr.) a burst of artillery in quick rounds.
rimfireA rimmed or flanged cartridge with the priming mixture located inside the rim of the case.
roscoe(US slang) a gun.
tampion(Fr.) a protective plug placed in the mouth of a gun or cannon.
windageThe deflection of a projectile by the wind.
zomboruk(Urdu) a small swivel-gun, esp. one mounted on the back of a camel.