Alcoholic Drinks.

First published in September 2012

Word Definition
muscadelA rich spicy wine derived from muscat grapes.
negroni(Ital.) an alcoholic beverage.
negusA drink of wine, hot water and spices.
noyau(Fr.) a liqueur made from brandy flavoured with bitter almonds or peach-stones.
oenomel(Greek) a beverage of ancient Greece consisting of wine and honey.
oloroso(Spanish) a golden-coloured medium-sweet sherry.
palinkaA type of apricot brandy from E. Europe.
pastis(Fr.) a French aniseed-flavoured aperitif.
persico(Fr.) a cordial made of the kernels of apricots, nectarines, etc., with refined spirit.
pilsner(Ger.) a light-coloured flavoursome variety of lager.
pimentA spiced sweetened wine.
piscoA Peruvian brandy.
pombe(Swahili) an African alcoholic drink.
pulque(Nahuatl) a Mexican fermented drink made from agave.
quetsch(Ger.) a spirit distilled from the fermented juice of plums.
rakee(Turkish) a strong spirit distilled in Turkey, Yugoslavia, etc., from grain, usually flavoured with aniseed or other aromatics.
rakijaA kind of fruit brandy produced by distillation of fermented fruit, popular throughout the Balkans.
ratafeeAny liqueur made from fruit or from brandy with added fruit; a flavouring essence made from almonds.
rickeyAn alcoholic beverage containing lime juice, gin and soda water.
rumboRum punch.
sangaree(Spanish) a summer drink consisting of lemon juice, claret, sugar, ice; any sweetened wine drink.
sazeracA cocktail based on pernod and whisky.
schiedam(Dutch) Holland gin made at Schiedam in the Netherlands.
simkinAn Urdu corruption of champagne.
skeechan(Gaelic) a kind of beer made by mixing malt liquor with treacle.
spatlese(Ger.) a sweet white wine made from grapes harvested after the main vintage.
stengah(Malay) a drink of whisky and soda.
waragi(Luganda) a Ugandan alcoholic drink made from bananas.
witblits(Afrikaans) a strong home-distilled alcoholic spirit.
zythum(Greek) a kind of beer made by the ancient Egyptians.